Freemasonry & What Everyone Ought to Know


Freemasonry is the practice of being a Mason. So, Freemason = one who practices Freemasonry, and Freemasonry = the actual practice itself.

What is it? Well as I mentioned in another article, Freemasonry is about doing work on yourself.

That’s why we wear the lambskin apron in Masonic rituals – it symbolizes the work you do on yourself first and foremost.

Do You Really Know Freemasonry?

Throw out all the stuff you think you may know about Freemasons, forget about the buildings housing the Masonic lodges you may have seen in your downtown and forget about the public the charitable works you may have seen Freemasons involved in.

At it core, Freemasonry is the scientific investigation of divine truth. This is Western mysticism, pure and simple. No dogma. No religious trappings.

If you follow a similar learning curve to what I did, it probably went like this:

1) You somehow had a thirst for knowledge that went beyond what your friends had, for the mysteries of life, philosophy, world religions and the like. The ancient Greeks called this “Gnosis” which meant a type of knowing. A knowing that you either have or don’t have and it means you’re “awake” in a sense to the Mysteries of life as countless thinkers and famous Freemasons had been before you.

2) You couldn’t find anything in Western traditions to quench your thirst for the hard hitting truths underneath all life and so turned to Eastern Mysticism. You probably looked at Buddhism and for sure Taoism, wondering the whole time why didn’t we in the West have any of these concepts of Chi, reincarnation, the Akashic Record and the like.

3) You got frustrated that we didn’t have any of this in the West, and the Eastern traditions, while having value and being highly interesting, weren’t exactly what you were looking for. So you gave up for awhile.

4) Then you discovered Freemasonry. Probably on the internet. At first you were thrilled as you discovered that the practice of Freemasons are truly the unification of the Occident (West) and the Orient esoteric thought. It is so old that it is the primordial Truth that lies at the base of all major world religions. For the first time you felt like this was EXACTLY what you had been looking for the whole time.

5) You kept on researching on the internet, reading more articles like this one and then wondering what’s real and what’s not…you go through so many twists and turns and conflicting opinions about Freemasonry that you don’t know where to turn. You were still interested but kinda confused.

Does this sound familiar at all? And yeah, this is another article out there on the internet. You got me. My point is to impart the real hard hitting truth to you about the actual practice of Freemasonry if you’re reading this.

The real Freemasons secrets (and yes, there still are some) can be summed as this: work on yourself to improve yourself. Does this underwhelm you? I’ve seen it disappoint many a candidate when they expected to be imparted some crazy ancient secret and suddenly hit enlightenment and instead they have to do a lot of reading and discussion about things that while they are Freemason secrets, they’re not that flashy or sexy and to be honest, they’re hard to understand right away.

The practice of Freemasons is work. Real honest to God, roll your sleeves up work.

Here’s an example–and I’m probably giving away too much here, but it’s better you know this ahead of time vs later.

Most Masonic esoteric texts are written in code, usually but not always phonetic. There is an outside, surface meaning to the words you read and a hidden subtext that means something else IF you know how to decipher the code.

Can you imagine how complicated it would be to write something that means two different things, half of it in a code hidden in plain sight?  The classic example is “Morals And Dogma” by Albert Pike.

Read one sentence in there and your head hurts – it’s hard! And that’s just the surface meaning of the words. Most of the Masonic rituals are in code as well, both with external and internal meanings.

Here’s why: these difficult Masonic texts allow you to understand as much as you are capable of at that time… only until you are practiced enough in the Freemason world can you understand more of what you’re reading.

History of Freemasonry

During the history of Freemasons and what preceded it, they were aware that this type of reading would force neurogenesis in the reader. Literally new neurons are created. The new neural connections that would form would make the reader smarter and able to understand more of what he was reading over time.

It would get easier and easier over time and all of the sudden the hidden subtexts and threads in the literature would start popping out that the reader. They are now reaping the benefits of the practice of Freemasonry, doing work on yourself.

Yeah I know it sounds loopy. But it is the honest to God truth. Work on yourself, improve yourself, read more, understand more. Rinse, wash, repeat.  This is the true practice of Esoteric Freemasonry, hands down.

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