Freemasons The Real Truth


Ahh, the Freemasons. No doubt you’ve been lurking all over the internet for weeks, months, maybe even years trying to learn more about this enigmatic group of guys. It’s a learning curve that most, if not all people go through that are interested in them.

Before I became one, I followed a similar arc. Quickly I realized there were a lot of smoke and mirrors online though. Seems like you can never really get down to the bottom of things, everyone has an opinion, and many times those opinions contradict each other.

In the spirit of trying to clear things up for you and for the greater good of the Freemasons secrets throughout all time, read on.

You’re probably fascinated by the recent wave of popular culture encouraged in no small part by Dan Brown and his ilk, romanticizing the Freemasons, masonic rituals, the secret lives of the Freemasons and other masonic practices.

All cool, interesting, and fun to speculate and read about, especially in fiction and online (these two are often one and the same). But then you drive around your town and see the symbol of the square and compass on usually an older, sometimes run down looking building in your downtown area and you immediately think of two things:

1) It doesn’t look that secret to me


2) Is this like the Rotary Club or something?

Well, the truth is, you’re right on both counts. But it is not as simple as that.

Who Are The Freemasons?

They try to keep the Masonic rituals secret, but the truth is, the actual rituals are out there on the internet for everyone to see. Now as far as the meaning behind the rituals, that’s a whole another story and yes, much of that is still secret and takes a long amount of study to even figure out how to interpret the wisdom passed down to us throughout the centuries.

Here’s the deal, and this will answer your questions about the two statements above. There are two types:¬† ESOteric and EXOteric.

Esoteric means designed for or understood by the specially initiated alone. Exoteric means suitable for or communicated to the general public and not pertaining to the inner circle of initiates.

They are like a two sided coin: on the one side you have the public, external, exoteric activities that are in some ways a lot like the Rotary Club and aren’t secret at all, and on the other side you have small, hidden tight knit groups of esoteric Freemasons still studying and practicing the secret lives of Freemasons as they have for centuries.

What Do Freemasons Do?

With the external stuff, Freemasons do things like dinners, run hospitals, set up booths at county fairs for charitable causes, etc. In other words they’re mostly dealing with the public. Not secret at all and frankly a little bewildering if you spent any time at all researching Freemasons.

You expect it to be some really cool almost conspiracy, maybe even connected with the Illuminati and then you see a bunch of old guys sitting around talking about what they had for dinner or in their Shriner caps in some small town parade.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had young guys show up at the lodge that have been researching and reading a long time all excited to talk about the Mysteries, and then get blindsided by all the non-esoteric stuff and sometimes the complete lack of discussion of the esoteric Mysteries.

With the esoteric stuff, the Freemasons learn and study about things that famous Freemasons used like the Law Of Vibration, the Law Of Attraction, the real meaning behind Tarot cards and Sacred astrologic geometry.

This is the real deal and it’s not flashy. Freemasonry is at it very core all about doing work on yourself, mostly by yourself. Yeah. That’s what the apron symbolizes. The work.

There really isn’t anything crazy going on in those lodges. The best definition of Freemasonry I have ever heard is:

“Freemasonry is the scientific investigation of Divine truth.”

It is Western mysticism. It is the pure distilled truth that is at the foundation of all major world religions, stripped of dogma. The Primordial Truth.

I realize I may be laying it on you a little heavy here, but it’s better that you walk away improved by this article instead of being blindsided by more smoke and mirrors out there on the web.

Keep this in mind during your research and you will profit from it.  There are two types of Freemasons: Esoteric and Exoteric.

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