Law Of Attraction How-To’s?

Revealed: Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work For Most People


Looking For Law Of Attraction Tips?

  • How to get it working for you and why positive thinking never works… and what you should do instead.
  • You watched “The Secret” movie, got fired up and nothing happened? Learn a “dirty little secret” and how falling for it can be hazardous to your wealth attraction – permanently.
  • You’re looking for a book… did you know that advice many books give is absolutely wrong and can cost you years?
  • Learn the Law Of Use to trigger the Law Of Attraction physical delivery system.
  • You’re maybe even looking to use the Law Of Attraction for love? Learn the seven questions you should immediately ask yourself before you even consider using these techniques for love.
  • The top three Law Of Attraction quotes nine out of ten “gurus” don’t even know.
  • 5 deadly mistakes most people make when trying use the law of attraction and how to avoid them.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction

How to get the law of attraction working for you – Why positive thinking NEVER works and what you should do instead.

Lets face it.

If positive thinking actually worked, we’d all be walking around right now, rich and happy as hell. DON’T fall into the trap of positive thinking.

It does not work.


It certainly didn’t for me. And doing more of what already isn’t working is just plain dumb.

Plus, it’s really frustrating.

I spent years of my life forcing a smile when bad things after bad things kept happening to me. Look, when you’re worried about having enough food to eat and how you’re going to pay rent, going deeper and deeper into debt as I have, walking around with a smile on your face doesn’t cut it.

At all.

Today when you hear a motivational speaker getting people all revved up to go out and try to use the Law Of Attraction through happiness alone, picture this in your mind: 1,000 soldiers with sticks and rocks in hand charge valiantly onto a battlefield, where they are cut down in droves with whithering swaths of machine gun fire, dying on the spot.

A tiny handful of extraordinary talented soldiers will survive by sheer wit and willpower alone. But the odds are heavily tilted against them. Only the very very best survive, much less prosper.

If your only weapon in using the Law Of Attraction for prosperity is your smile and your ability to withstand constant suffering cheerfully, you’re fighting machine guns with sticks.

And as the economy continues to change, the problem is going to get worse, not better. Plus you will gradually turn more and more negative, whether you realize it or not. Soon enough, you will start attracting bad things into your life.

What if you could do a simple step by step process to physically kickstart the Law Of Attraction in your life and get results right away? Imagine how you would feel then, how your attitude would change for the better. And fast.

Here’s the TRUTH: IF you stop relying on positivity alone and IF you use tools like The Law Of Vibration, and the Law Of Use, you CAN get concrete results and you CAN use it to attract whatever you want in your life.

Once I figured out the simple truth that is never talked about by people out there I prospered. Greatly.

And you won’t frustrate yourself and continue in a negative feedback loop of “this isn’t working, so I feel worse, I feel worse so this isn’t working”.

Listen up: You must stop relying on just being positive and must use the Law Of Attraction with the Law Of Vibration shrewdly.

Most people don’t. Most people try  with no clear process in mind. Most people have no idea how to prepare themselves BEFORE starting their mental exercises. (That’s why they think this does not work.)


Thoughts such as “If I hold positive thoughts  about wealth money will rain down on me” are just too simplistic to work…money does have a metaphysical component and Vibration to it, but guess what: it exits in the physical domain for you.

There are two sides to the same coin: you must work on raising your Vibration in the Spiritual Plane to the same level of that as the money you want to attract, BUT you also must take action in the Physical Plane.

THIS is the missing key to unlocking the success in your life.

That’s why time spent on prepping yourself physically and mentally for the Law Of Attraction is absolutely the best time investment you can make – IF you’re educated about what really works and what doesn’t.

If you’d like to unlock the full power, click on the button below and get a free video that will help you unlock your true potential through the Law of Attraction!

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