Law of Vibration Make It Work for You


Let me guess, you watched the secret law of vibration movie got fired up and nothing happened?

Look, you’ve got to learn the real dirty little secret of the Law Of Vibration industry and how falling for it can be hazardous to your wealth attraction.

You’ve have to learn how to use the Law Of Vibration the right way. Or it just doesn’t work.

What is the Law of Vibration’s “dirty little secret”

To be honest most of this comes from the granddaddy of the law of attraction books, “Think And Grow Rich”. I love this book and greatly respect, use and cherish it.

But… it’s so misleading.

How many people have you known that have tried mass market Law Of Vibration stuff, were really fired up when they first discovered it, maybe even got a few results and then poof-nothing. No results. No enthusiasm. Nothing.

The title should more accurately be: “How To Think To Grow Rich”.

You can’t just sit around and expect riches to starting appearing in your life like crazy just using the Law of Vibration.

It doesn’t work. It’s an easy sell for all the people trying to get you to buy stuff though…I mean what’s NOT appealing about thinking that you can JUST visualize something and it falls in your lap with no work? It drives me crazy sometimes to see all these guys online selling “easy button” Law Of Vibration stuff.


Truth is it’s not easy. If it was, you would see pretty much everyone you know driving around in a Bentley or something because of the Law of Vibration.

There’s real work involved on the physical plane.

Here’s a Law Of Vibration Tip:

Thought alone will not override behavior or certain physical realities and circumstances.

You must take action in the physical realm by changing how you act, talk, and DO. This Law of Vibration starts with your thinking, but certainly does not end there.

The ancient text revered by Alchemists and Freemasons alike, the Kybalion, mentions the ageless, universal Law Of Vibration: “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything Vibrates.”

Everything moves around all the time. That’s the Law Of Vibration. All matter, all thoughts, all energy – everything in the electromagnetic spectrum – it’s all vibrating. When you zero in on a molecule and an atom and you go in deeper and deeper and closer and closer, it’s literally just a field of Vibrating energy and that energy is just potential at a fundamental level.

If everything is energy you can learn to manipulate that energy. Money is not good or bad, it’s just little green printed pieces of paper and it’s force. You”re going to learn to circulate more of that force in your life right now.

Using ancient sacred words and tones to raise your frequency on the physical plane gets you results. Fast.

Look at WD Gann and how he used the Law Of Vibration. The guy was a Freemason and commodities trader in the 10′s 20′s and 30′s…using this technique he pulled over $52,000,000 in 1930′s dollars from the markets-that’s over $600,000,000 today. He was so successful with the universal law of attraction

and the law of vibrational energy that it borders on the absurd.

The ancients used the word “Vibration” just as we today use the word frequency. They knew that the difference between stronger and weaker manifestations of the Universal attraction power are due entirely to the varying rate of the individuals Vibrations. The Law of Vibration.

Pretty quickly the ancients figured out too that every thought, emotion or mental state has its corresponding rate and mode of vibration. Just like the note you want to play on a piano is caused by hitting the right key that causes the piano to vibrate at a certain rate and tone, you too can produce whatever mental state you want in yourself by Vibrating certain words and tones passed down to us throughout the centuries.

There are certain tones, words and phrases for wealth attraction, health, relationships, spiritual attainment, etc. Your physical being, as well as your mental, has it’s own Vibration. This Vibration can be raised at will. The higher spiritual planes affect the lower physical plane.

You can literally transmute your mind from state to state, degree to degree, condition to condition and Vibration to Vibration-IF you know the mental art of changing your own frequency this is the Law of Vibration.

To effect your own life and actually get the Law Of Attraction working you must start by raising your Vibrations in the physical plane, which in turn changes your Vibrations on the metaphysical plane and THEN you must follow up on your own and take action with the Law Of Use and the Law Of Gestation (those are covered extensively in the course).

To do this you have to raise your Vibrations to the same level as the money you want to attract. This is done by raising your physical and mental Vibrations to a higher state.

92% of lottery winners are broke within 3 years. Why? Because their Vibrational level did not stay at the same level as that of the money that they attracted in the first place.

Most people have heard of raising your mental Vibrations by using visualization, dream boards and the like.

Ever wonder why Buddhist monks chant “OM” over and over again? Or the chanting traditions of the Gregorian Monks?

They’re doing it to raise their consciousness to a higher state and level of Vibration.

No one except those who study depression era trader W.D. Gann or esoteric religious practices know about raising your physical Vibrations. You must do this in order to amplify your own Vibrations which in turn sends out higher thought Vibrations.

Most people overestimate the amount of money they can attract in the short term and underestimate how much they can attract in the long term-you must pay heed to the Laws of Use and Gestation to attract real and concrete results in your life.

Today. Right now.

It’s called the Law Of Vibration and it really works. I’m proof of it. Countless others are proof of it. But don’t take my word for it. Check out W.D. Gann, a commodities trader from the 10′s, 20′s and 30′s that attracted over $52 million in 1930′s Depression-Era dollars from the trading markets.

That’s over $624 million in today’s dollars (how’s that for inflation!?).

No one could figure out how he did it. And in today’s economy, his work is more relevant than ever.

He physically Vibrated certain words and tones to literally RAISE his Vibrational frequency to a higher plane and through the Law Of Sympathetic Vibration, his wealth attraction power was greatly amplified. The Divine Universe reflected it right back to him.

But only because he followed the right steps in the right order with the right process.

I know it sounds weird and maybe even a little crazy, but yeah, I got swept up in the whole “The Secret” craze too a few years back.

And nothing worked.

Until I discovered the ageless secret key to unlocking the Law Of Vibration that Freemasons have been using for untold centuries.

This stuff really works.

First, you just have to DO the right physical steps in the right order for the Law of Vibration.

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