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WD Gann was a total rockstar in my book. Here was a guy who pulled over $50,000,000 in 20′s and 30′s dollars out of the commodities markets and nobody knew how he did it.

Check this out: that is over $600,000,000 in today’s dollars. I know it sounds crazy but WD Gann actually did it.

Here’s the thing: WD Gann was using some really far-out esoteric practices to achieve this level of wealth attraction, like the Law Of Vibration.

You have to look at what the United States was like one hundred years (1910′s) ago and up when WD Gann was working. He was using esoteric practices unknown outside of Kabballah and Tibetan Buddhism.

If known outside of his inner circle these secrets would have been considered occult, radical and maybe even dangerous. Certainly sacrilegious in the pervasive Christian environment of the time.

Even today when we have yoga studios on every corner, new age sections in bookstores and popular dvd’s out like “The Secret” he would be looked at as pretty kooky.

Searching For WD Gann

If you’ve been clicking around on the internet looking for more stuff about WD Gann, you’ve more than likely ran across information on WD theory, WD Gann trading and of course WD astrology – this article isn’t about those techniques that he used for commodities trading.

Although as an interesting side note, the spherical geometry that he used for his astrological trading charts cannot be done by computers today. It doesn’t work with base ten decimal systems that binary computers use. So think twice before investing in any of the WD Gann software programs you see.

To get back on track, this article is about his incredible Law Of Attraction power.

Specifically, how WD Gann used it in conjunction with the Law Of Vibration.

And boy, does it ever work. It works really, really well. I’m proof of it. I tried doing the normal pop culture Law Of Attraction stuff for years, thinking positive, visualizing, writing my goals down, everything.

Nothing worked. I kept having bills pile up and losing transactions in my real estate business. My basic understanding of the Law Of Attraction did do one thing for me though: one winter at my Masonic Lodge a brother handed my a strange looking green booklet suggested I did the exercises within. I have no idea why he gave it to me one of those Law Of Attraction things I guess.

Hell, I had nothing to lose at that point, so I decided to give it a try: things like finding your body’s own harmonious keynote, raising your Vibrations to that as the level as what you want to attract, ancient Sacred phrases from esoteric Kabballah that WD Gann was using. You would Vibrate certain words, phrases and tones in a certain way up and down your spine to physically raise your Vibrations to a higher frequency.

Immediately, and I mean immediately when I started doing these exercises, I felt awesome. Motivated.

Happy. No fear. Not only that, but by following the process he laid out exactly, the Visualizations I was doing started to pay off. Finally!

I ended up doubling my income within a matter of months (yes, I work in an sales industry where that is possible) and was hooked.

The secret treasure that WD Gann used and revealed to us two years before his death was that of the Law Of Vibration and how to use it for practical results in your own life.

Sometimes I think about how ancient and yet far ahead of his time WD Gann was, doing ancient esoteric Vibrational chanting exercises during a time when being anything but a Christian in public was more than frowned upon: it was sacrilege.

What WD Gann Did

He waited until two years before his death to impart these sacred practices on a select few. He had by that time written a huge volume of work, yet he considered this simple, rough, difficult to understand  little pamphlet littered with bible verses throughout to be his greatest work.

What did Gann do with all the money? Well these stories were passed down from mouth to ear and never officially recorded anywhere, but it’s said that during the Great Depression he supported dozens and dozens, if not hundreds of families.

Then he went a step further and started the Shriners hospitals, over thirty of them. These are hospitals where children can get free, high grade medical care including advanced surgery. They are still around today-imagine the huge magnitude and cost in setting up over thirty free hospitals-it boggles the mind.

With astounding generosity and compassion for humankind, WD Gann was truly a master of the mysteries.

wd gann

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